Herman, Henry & Dominic – Celebrating Tradition at the LAW AGM in Sydney

At Herman, Henry & Dominic, traditions are not just practices; they are the bedrock of our ethos and the embodiment of our dedication. The recent LAW (Lawyers Associated Worldwide) AGM in Sydney brought this to the fore.

Over a week, the vibrant city of Sydney hosted more than 100 Partners from 80 esteemed law firms around the world. Together, we dined, toured the iconic landmarks, socialized, and most importantly, delved deep into shared experiences, expertise, and the tapestry of our professional journeys.

Our participation in LAW is more than seeking new horizons for our clients or enhancing our global outreach for our Vietnamese clientele. It’s about ensuring that every member of Herman, Henry & Dominic has the golden opportunity to interact, learn, and grow with peers from around the world. In essence, our membership with LAW is an affirmation of our firm’s slogan: “Local Expertise & Global Standard.”

Central to our tradition is the practice of mentorship. Hence, it’s customary for a Senior Associate to accompany a Partner. This year, our Senior Associate Thao (Sally) Dang represented the future of our firm with grace and expertise, making every interaction count. Her impeccable expertise in M&A and Financing deals left an indelible mark and we couldn’t be prouder! Her engagements on the global stage were a beacon of our commitment to nurturing talent and the future torchbearers of our legacy.

With eyes set on the upcoming LAW meetings in Tokyo and Amsterdam, we remain steadfast in our mission, ensuring that the legacy and traditions of Herman, Henry & Dominic echo through time.

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