On behalf of Herman, Henry & Dominic, we are grateful for the opportunities to serve our diverse clientele and contribute to their success.  We are pleased to present a summary of some significant deals and matters we have been involved in 2023, showcasing our commitment to providing exceptional legal services across various industries.

I. M&A, Investment and Financing Transaction

Our law firm has successfully advised on a diverse range of M&A, investment, and financing deals across various industries. Our consistent and objective approach in each transaction has ensured successful outcomes for our clients, further cementing our reputation as a leading legal advisory firm. We remain dedicated to offering strategic and legally sound advice in the complex landscape of M&A, investment, and financing transactions.

  • Loan Renewal Advisory: We provided legal guidance on the renewal of a USD 100 million loan at a major international bank. This involved detailed legal analysis and strategic negotiation to secure favorable terms for our client in a critical financial arrangement.
  • Ride-Hailing and Electric Vehicle Investment: Our role in advising a leading Vietnamese ride-hailing company on receiving investment from the largest electric vehicle company in Vietnam emphasized our expertise in facilitating strategic partnerships in the evolving transportation sector.
  • Cross-Border Advertising Merger:The firm facilitated a significant merger between a renowned Vietnamese advertising company and a major industry player in China. This transaction highlights our skill in managing cross-border integrations in the competitive advertising industry.
  • Paint Manufacturing Company Capital Transfer: Advising on a transaction involving a 25% stake transfer in a top paint manufacturing company demonstrated our proficiency in overseeing complex equity transactions and ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.
  • Real Estate M&A Transaction: We were instrumental in a USD 50 million M&A deal within the real estate sector, showcasing our ability to navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions and mergers.
  • Hydropower Project Share Transfer: Our legal advisory services were crucial in the transfer of 50% shares in a company engaged in a hydropower project, underlining our commitment to supporting environmentally sustainable energy initiatives.
  • AI Technology Company Investment: The firm advised on an investment and capital financing deal for a pioneering AI technology company in Vietnam, reflecting the growing interest in technology investments and our expertise in this rapidly evolving sector.
  • PDP Capital Financing for Private Jet Purchase: We provided advisory services on a USD 60 million PDP (Pre-Delivery Payment) capital financing transaction for the purchase of a private jet. This deal highlights our firm’s capabilities in handling sophisticated financing arrangements in the aviation sector.

II. Dispute Resolution

Our law firm has adeptly handled an array of complex dispute resolution cases, showcasing our in-depth legal expertise across various industries. The detailed nature of these cases highlights our firm’s ability to address and resolve multifaceted legal challenges, solidifying our reputation as a leading dispute resolution firm. We remain committed to providing strategic, comprehensive legal solutions to our clients’ diverse and challenging disputes.

  • Real Estate and Construction Disputes: We provided specialized legal advice in key real estate disputes, including several significant cases involving tens and hundreds of million USD agreements to repurchase sold real estate. Additionally, we handled disputes relating to the termination of contracts in major residential areas and quality concerns in construction projects, including a multinational material manufacturing company’s gypsum factory.
  • Intellectual Property and Trademark Litigation: In the consumer goods sector, we played a critical role in intellectual property disputes, particularly in terminating the validity of four notable Thai candy trademarks. Our strategic approach in these cases underscored our expertise in IP law.
  • Commercial and Contractual Disputes: Our firm adeptly navigated complex commercial disputes, such as those concerning advertising service contracts between leading advertising companies and management boards of significant residential areas. We also advised on disputes over investment cooperation agreements and principal contracts, involving substantial compensation claims.
  • Banking and Financial Disputes: We tackled challenging financial disputes involving top-tier banking institutions and large corporations. This included advising on disputes regarding invalid mortgage contract.
  • Administrative and Regulatory Complaints: Our legal guidance was crucial in administrative complaints, including revoking transportation business licenses and resolving land reclamation issues involving significant land areas.
  • Healthcare and Technology Disputes: In the healthcare sector, we advised on disputes related to the socialization of medical equipment, while in the technology sector, we navigated disputes over technology project contracts.
  • Shareholder and Corporate Governance Disputes: We represented major shareholders in various disputes focused on corporate governance. This included multiple cases involving the annulment of shareholder meeting resolutions and exercising shareholder rights to access information.
  • Media and Information Disputes: Our firm actively engaged in litigation against prominent newspapers for publishing false information about a client, demonstrating our strength in media law and information disputes.
  • Environmental and Industrial Disputes: We advised on environmental and industrial disputes, including representing clients in cases related to wastewater systems in industrial parks and land sublease conflicts.

III. Other Significant Matters

  • Corporate Restructuring Advisory: We advised on the restructuring of a group of companies with a charter capital of USD 150 million. This complex restructuring process involved strategic planning and legal oversight to ensure compliance and efficiency in the reorganization of corporate structures and operations.
  • Review of Internal Management Documents: Our firm undertook a thorough review of internal management documents for a VN30 listed company. This task required a meticulous examination of corporate governance, compliance, and operational policies to align with legal standards and best practices.
  • Transactional Advisory in Drilling Rig Ownership: We provided strategic advice on the structure and reviewed the agreement related to a transaction involving the intermediary role for the ownership of a drilling rig. This advisory role emphasized our firm’s expertise in navigating intricate transactional agreements and ensuring a legally sound structure for complex asset transactions.

In addition to the notable deals and matters mentioned above, we pride in providing regular legal counsel and guidance to numerous large corporations across different sectors, such as securities, technology, real estate, fintech, hospitality, and education.

We are proud of our achievements and remain committed to serving our clients with the same level of professionalism, diligence, and excellence that has earned us our esteemed reputation in the legal community.  As we look ahead, we are excited to continue fostering strong relationships with our clients, helping them navigate the ever-evolving legal landscape and achieve their goal

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