Introducing Criminal Law Representation for Foreign Individuals and Companies

Dear Sirs and Mesdames:

We are writing to you from the desk of Herman, Henry & Dominic, where for numerous years, we have had the privilege and honor of providing paramount legal counsel to a multitude of foreign investors and corporations operating in Vietnam.  Our expertise includes corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, finance, investment banking, and real estate.  This wide-ranging experience enables us to provide comprehensive advice, which we believe is a key part of our firm’s standing.

Today, it brings us great joy to share with you an exciting development within our firm.

As part of our continuous effort to better serve our clients, we’re extending our services to include criminal law advice and representation in Vietnam for foreign entities and individuals.  Like our existing services, we aim to offer advice that is not only sound in legal theory but also practical in application.

We’ve put together a team of legal professionals with substantial experience in criminal law to undertake this new endeavor.  Included in our team is a respected partner who has an impressive record of over three decades in the field.  This depth of experience ensures that we have the understanding necessary to provide effective representation.

To enhance our services, we have also established collaborations with local criminal lawyers and law firms across Vietnam. These relationships show our commitment to gaining and utilizing knowledge and expertise in criminal law, regardless of the location.

We understand that for many foreign clients, the language barrier can be a significant hurdle when dealing with the Vietnamese legal system.  It’s true that many competent criminal lawyers in the country may not be fluent in English.  However, with our long history of serving foreign clients, we’re confident in our ability to communicate effectively in English, ensuring our clients understand their legal position and the necessary steps ahead.

We’re looking forward to offering our clients a more comprehensive range of services with this new addition. As always, we’re dedicated to our clients’ success and committed to providing peace of mind in all legal matters.

Thank you for your continued trust in us.

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